Union Hall Pics, MOKB Feature


Couple of shots from our show at Union Hall on 6/22.  Pic credits: Ramit Singh.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

…and a great new feature from My Old Kentucky Blog:

Rock & Roll Submarine may be one of the worst titles ever bestowed upon a record, but Urge Overkill’s comeback record sent me into a 90’s indie rock nostalgia shame spiral. Not that I have all that much to be ashamed of, as much of the music from that period holds up surprisingly well (Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins) and many of the survivors (Urge Overkill, Greg Dulli, Dinosaur Jr. et al) are still churning out material that merits your attention.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the pull of the 90s can still be heard in newer bands, such as Lightouts, a Gowanus-based duo that sounds a little like what JAMC might sound like with Robert Smith fronting. And if you listen real close, you’ll hear an honest to goodness guitar solo. Chain me down, Martha!”

Any day we’re compared to the Jesus And Mary Chain and Robert Smith is a good day indeed.


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