Lightouts – “The Cure For Shyness”

JOEL MARCH 20, 2012 0

Lightouts is a multi-talented Brooklyn, NY based indie-rock duo that I’ve been listening to for a few months now. They recently released their latest song called “A Cure For Shyness” that I’ve honestly had on repeat for the past couple of weeks now, so I figured it was about time I share it with you all. Starting with a quite, building 30 second introduction, then exploding into a guitar-driven craze, “A Cure For Shyness” is sure to be lining your indie playlists for years to come. Lead singer Gavin Rhodes swiftly breaks into singing, showing off his confessional vocals and emotionally-driven lyrics, which only help to compliment the already guitar-powered track. Lightouts will be releasing their debut album Want later in 2012.

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Lightouts – “A Cure For Shyness” [click to download]