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Lightouts – All I Want / Heroes (LCD Soundsystem / David Bowie Cover)


I don’t know much about these indie-rockers from Brooklyn, but what I do know is that Lightouts have done a remarkable job reworking LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All I Want’ and David Bowie’s ‘Heroes.’ I’ve heard these two tracks be compared to each other by numerous other artists, blogs and fellow music enthusiasts. So it seems to be rather appropriate that Lightouts have chosen to merge them into one fantastic song.

This imagining of these tracks consists of a bit harder sounding instrumentals, but definitely works well with lead singer Greg Nelson’s grungier sounding voice. The pure genius of this song is the smooth transitions between ‘All I Want’ and ‘Heroes.’ They don’t stick with one them move to the other. It goes seamlessly back and forth between the two, creating one perfect track. This is truly creative, and shows just how talented these young rockers are.


Download ‘All I Want/Heroes’