The Muse In Music

January 5, 2012 | By Fred

Sometimes all of the threads can take away from the cloth. Take the case of a video debut. The clip can be irreverent, or sexy, or have something remotely do to with zombie demons. The video might share a choreographer and dance troupe with Cee Lo Green. Or the film set could turn out to be Swoon’s art studio, complete with a couple of her pieces hanging from the walls. Or the background story could be too-clever-by-half, say, something to do with Charlie Sheen’s impromptu remodeling gig at the Plaza Hotel. This is all strictly hypothetical, of course.

And that would be unfortunate, especially if the story really is as uncomplicated as this: Lightouts have released “The Eloise Suite.” And it’s superb — a concussive, staccato, and indiscreet rock track. Not quite acerbic, although the humor is so dry that something tells us these two use The Daily Show With Jon Stewart as moisturizer. Lightouts are Greg Nelson and Gavin Rhodes, from New York. Oh, and the definitive interview is pretty lively.

Download some free tracks at the Soundcloud page. Read more about Swoon’s large-scale ethichere.

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