The Mashup

Lightsout+Push-The Cure Cover (Download) and The Cure for Shyness (Video)

Brooklyns newest Indie Rock band was simply formed from a man who simply wanted to know “Robert Smith/Emily Haines, Where are you?” written on a poster and posted near the Gowanus Canal. If you are not familiar with the names, well Robert Smith is from the amazing band “The Cure” and Emily from “Metric”. Your welcome.
A short time went on and a single man answered the question and thus was born Lightsout. Gavin Rhodes and Greg Nelson the indie rock duo have a one of a kind mesh within their musical talents. From fuzzed out guitars, vocals and structured bass lines adds a new twist to this day in indie rock age. Tonight I give you a free download to check in and see that the Brooklyn natives are raving about.

Download Lightouts version of “Push” here:

The Cure for Shyness Video=Rad!