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On the Radar: Lightouts

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So many bands have emerged from Brooklyn these last ten years, especially the Williamsburg area of New York City’s most populous borough. Meet an exception to this trend, Lightouts. Lightouts aren’t stringy kids eating Ramen noodles, quaffing PBRs, and picking up gigs wherever they can get them. Even more surprising is that they call the Gowanus area of Brooklyn home; an area that is known more for its art lofts. They are hardly conventional by today’s indie rock standards.

This pair of established musicians found each other and bonded over a shared love of 80′s and 90′s alternative and college music. The story goes that Gavin Rhodes placed a want ad asking, “Robert Smith/Emily Haines, where are you?” It worked, as he met Greg Nelson, already a veteran of the Brooklyn scene and ready for a new challenge.

Gavin and Greg’s work is refreshing, featuring crunchy guitar chords and pulsing bass lines that clearly draw inspiration from the likes of Sonic Youth and Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins. They have also recorded interesting covers of tracks by early 90′s UK acts, The La’sand Stone Roses. This is a welcome return to a neglected genre. Go out and get their two singles with B-sides (see below), and then crank up and rock out to Lightouts.

Check outAnd It Comes And Goes [mp3]

Check out: Faces, Places [mp3]
Check out: I Am The Key (La’s cover) [mp3]


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And It Comes And Goes single
Faces, Places and
I Am The Key (La’s cover)

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See Clear single featuring
Only the Smart Ones and
Here It Comes (Stone Roses cover)