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Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 02.19.12

In this edition: SPAZZ FEST IS BACK!!!; tracks from The Cast of Cheers, Lightouts, Magpie Instinct, Novella, This Many Boyfriends, Tree and We Walk on Ice; and videos from The Drums, Little Racer, Michael Kiwanuka, Porcelain Raft, and We Walk on Ice.


design: Todd Cook

Spazz Fest returns to Greenville and it’s even better. The multi-day event is jam-packed with events and artists, and once again, we are hosting the Spazz Fest event page.

Spazz Fest 3 continues the tradition of promoting the live music scene in Greenville, while supporting a contributing member of the community. Last year, Spazz Fest collaborated with SCREW CANCER to help a friend in need. Profits from Spazz Fest 3 will go to help sustain the Tipsy Teapot, a key player in bringing original live music and cultural events to the uptown Greenville area.

As in the past, about 80 “Golden Ticket” wristbands  will be made available. These all-access passes are good for access to every show, drink special, special event, secret after-party, Spazz brunch, etc. The projected cost is $25. There are a limited number of wristbands, sure to get yours early, THEY WILL SELL OUT! Single show admission will also be available, but if you want the best deal, get the “Golden Ticket” early.

Stay tuned for ticket availability and purchase locations at the Spazz Fest 3 page.

Check out the line-up for each show below:

Thursday, March 22
Friday, March 23
Saturday, March 24
Sunday, March 25


The Cast of Cheers – “Family (Royal Scams Remix)”
Family single scheduled for release on 2/20
through School Boy Error/Cooperative Music
A raucous remix that only makes you want the real thing more. The Cast of Cheers are riding a big wave, and look to make their debut deliver tomorrow! Hear the original single on YouTube. Order “Family” here.

Lightouts – “The Cure for Shyness”
new Maxi-Single available through iTunes
Our favorite retro rockers are back with a new single and it’s backed with ”Deep Ends” & “The Official Ironmen Rally Song” (Guided By Voices Cover). Love the crunchy guitars and punchy feel of this track. Lightouts put the guitar back into indie rock.

Novella – “Don’t Believe Ann Rand”
from Italian Beach Babes (EP)
out 3/19
A hazy-sounding girl band with lots of reverb, integrated jangly and fuzzy guitars. They cite their influences as, “nfluences spanning the classic 4AD sound to Flying Nun to Brian Jonestown Massacres ‘Methodrone’ album.”

Magpie Instinct – “Rudiments”
from Goalposts EP
out 2/29 on Bandcamp
This five-piece indie rock band out of Cardiff is releasing their first recording on the last day February. In the U.S., fans of late 80′s college radio (e.g., La’sThe Ocean Blue) will really love this EP, a fun and promising start for this upstart band.

This Many Boyfriends – “Starling”
out February 20 on Angular Records
You’ve not heard this type of jangly indie pop since Morrissey and Johnny Marr were crankin’ it out back in the days of Old Manchester. Starling will be released as “download only” through Angular Records, and as as an exclusive limited fanzine release.


Tree – Universal (ft. Ariel Thiermann)
from Splitting Branches
out in 2012
It’s no secret that we love unsigned, experimental artists and Tree fits this bill well. This is a multi-media project featuring the work of Oliver Tree Nickell and his collaborators (director/visual effects: Steve Dabal; artist/cartoonist: Drew Grasso; artist/printer/sculptor: Zane Prater; and 3D graphic animator: Jason Rasmussen). “Universe” is a quirky pop tune that will grab you immediately. Get the free download through the SoundCloud link below.

We Walk On Ice – “One Fine Day (Part Two)
7″ release
out 3/19 on Linnea-Louise Records
“One Fine Day” is reminiscent of that mid-60s pop sound, as if Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips broke out and recorded something without Denny and John. Check out the video below.


The Drums – “Days”

Little Racer – “The Town”

Michael Kiwanuka – “I’m Getting Ready”

Porcelain Raft – “Something In Between”

We Walk On Ice – “One Fine Day Part II”

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