The Cure For Shyness maxi-single now available.

Today marks the release of our 4th single, and the first of 2012. The song is called “The Cure For Shyness” and is a melodic rocker that features live drums rocked hard by Josh Fleischmann. It’s one of our most anthemic tunes to-date and we’re really pleased with how Andy Altmann’s mix & mastering came out- this is truly meant to be turned up. The original b-side, “Deep Ends,” is a bit of a departure for us- it’s a dancey number tinged with some wavy psychedelic touches. Finally, the cover is our take on a classic Guided by Voices tune that Matador Records and GBV have cosigned.

Once again we were spoiled with choice from George Boorujy’s artwork. This time we chose a piece that has the simple title of Horse, but is rendered in George’s amazingly detailed and intricate style.

In a new milestone for us, one of MTV’s sites, Hive, premiered the song today. We also got a feature on iTunes as a new & notable release in their alternative section, and Seattle’s famous indie station KEXP gave us a mention too! You can buy the mp3s via iTunes or Amazon, buy them in CD quality from our store, share them via Facebook for a free download, or simply download for free them via our Soundcloud player to the right.