The Big Breat

LISTEN: The Big Beat ‘cast 41

18 artists debut on this week’s show including BRETON, BEAR DRIVER, BLEECH, BLEACHED(it’s a good week for the letter B), LADYHAWKE, DEVIN, EXITMUSIC, PORCELAIN RAFT, DE STAAT, DU NORD, POLIḈA, and CHARLOTTE & MAGON.  Veterans FIELD MUSIC, THE MAGNETIC FIELDS, and SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS are back with new music, along with the first new song from SAINT ETIENNE in 7 years.  My Wild Card Pick this week might surprise you – the artist has a connection to the guy in the picture.  Press play to listen and find out.

SWISS LIPS “U Got The Power” (self-released), single

BOS ANGELES “Wild Things I Did Before” (Melodic), from Hearing Aid Vol. 2 (free download)
DEVIN “You’re Mine” (Frenchkiss), from You’re Mine EP
DISCLOSURE “Tenderly” (Make Mine), from “Tenderly” / “Flow” single
SAINT ETIENNE “Tonight” (self-released), (stream)
DJANGO DJANGO “Default” (Because), from Django Django
DE STAAT “Ah, I See” (Mascot), from Machinery
BEAR DRIVER “Never Never” (Adventure Club), from “Never Never” / “Let The Club” single
PLAITUM “Late Night TV” (self-released), free download (TBB coverage)
POLIḈA “Lay Your Cards Out” (Totally Gross National Product), from Give You The Ghost 
BLEACHED “You Take Time” (Art Fag), from Carter 7″
BLEECH “Mondays” (n/a), video
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS “Andrew In Drag” (Merge), from Love at the Bottom of the Sea
FRIENDS “Friends Crush” (Lucky Number), single (video)
PORCELAIN RAFT “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” (Secretly Canadian), from Strange Weekend
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS “Lafaye” (Vagrant), from Ghostory
SHEARWATER “Breaking The Yearlings” (Sub Pop), from Animal Joy
DU NORD “The Sunset” (self-released), free download
CHARLOTTE & MAGON “The Mining” (n/a), from Life Factory (video)
FIELD MUSIC “A New Town” (Memphis Industries), from Plumb
BLONDES “Wine” (RVNG Intl.), from Blondes
FIRST AID KIT “Emmylou” (Wichita), from The Lion’s Roar
BRETON “The Commission” (FatCat), from Other People’s Problems (video)
EXITMUSIC “The Modern Age” (Secretly Canadian), from From Silence EP
LADYHAWKE “Black White & Blue” (Modular), from Anxiety
LIGHTOUTS “The Official Ironmen Rally Song” (self-released), from The Cure For Shyness EP


  1. i listen the big beat about a year now an I’m proud to be dutch. The band de staat is from holland and here they have a very strong live reputation so go check them out and there song ” sweatshop “