The Big Picture maxi-single now available.

Lightouts friends,

It’s finally here! Yesterday marks the release of our 5th single, The Big Picture. The a-side was premiered by The Music Ninja, who called it, “a pop monster which combines the melodies and bounce of electro with the grit of rock to create something very special.” TMN continued the flattery by closing the post with, “Definitely a band to look out for, Lightouts have the potential to be massive. Stay tuned for more from them.” Cheers to that!

This is the second single featuring the drumming of Josh Fleischmann, who we’re proud to say is now our permanent drummer. We also have a fantastic new bass player, Dean Perry, who has played some shows with us but has yet to make his recording debut with us. Look out for that to happen very soon… So yes, it’s official, Lightouts is no longer a duo.

The new single also features the mixing and mastering of Andy Altmann, whom we’ve been working with for all of our releases. As always, Andy’s mix rocks and is made to be played LOUD. The original b-side, “Stray Boy,” is a mix of punky rhythms bookended by some psych swirl. Filter Magazine had the premiere on that one. The cover tune on this single is by none other than The Cure, whom a certain guitar player in our band happens to like just a little bit (little bit meaning he used to dress up like Robert Smith in 8th grade). The song is called “Push” and is a deep cut from 1985’s Head On The Door. Impose debuted the song for us and The Vinyl District chose it as their single of the week.

You can buy the mp3s via iTunes or Amazon, buy them in CD quality from our store, or simply download for free them via our Soundcloud player. Full details here.

For New York area folks, our next show will be as a part of the inaugural CBGB Festival on July 5th at the Highline Ballroom.