Lightouts “Here It Comes” Stone Roses cover now available


Here’s a link for a free download of our cover/homage to the Stone Roses B-side “Here It Comes!”

The first B-side from Lightouts is a raucous cover of The Stone Roses’ “Here It Comes.” Fittingly the original song was a B-side itself, complementing The Stone Roses first single, “Sally Cinnamon” in 1987. Rhodes first started listening to the band in his Albuquerque high school and embarked on a self-imposed mission to seek out The Roses’ more obscure selections, whereas singer Greg Nelson was enthusiastically exposed to the band while living in Scotland. Although an ocean apart at the moment of musical discovery, Rhodes and Nelson have now combined their adoration for The Stone Roses in their cover of “Here It Comes,” the likes of which would make Ian Brown himself proud. The cover retains the intricacies of renowned Roses drummer, Reni, while also adding an infusion of Lightouts essence on vocals that effortlessly weave in and out of piercing guitar licks. The melancholy fuses with the music as Nelson declares “I’d rather be no one than someone with no one” – download the track for free today and peer into the window of the inner-workings and influences of Lightouts.