CMJ Shows / Zippo Lighter Vote

What’s up!  New York’s CMJ Music Marathon is this week and we have two three shows to announce. First, we’re playing Wednesday night on The SLFA CMJ Showcase that features Canadian giants Said The Whale and We Are The City alongside Philly’s Cold Fronts. We’re on at 8:00 sharp.


Next, we kick off the Audio Perv /Some Kind of Awesome / Whips & Chords / Audible Treats showcase on Friday at 12 noon at The Delancey. The lineup is pretty sick: The Step Kids, Kid Savant, 1,2,3, Caveman, Memoryhouse, Cameras, and of course Lightouts. Our Audible Treats fam has hooked up some amazing sponsors: Aerial7 Headphones, Native Instruments, FLüD Watches, and Thrasher Mag are all on board and will be giving away gear. Even if you can’t go, you can still win some schwag here. Lightouts is on right at noon, so don’t be late! RSVP here.



Our second Friday day show is at the venerable Knitting Factory as part of the Distiller Promo Showcase. The lineup is equally strong for this one: Superhuman Happiness, FIDLAR, Radation City, PUJOL, WATERS, Yellow Ostrich, The R’s, and us. Audible Treats has also hooked up some crazy giveaways for this one, including bullet headphones from Munitio. We’re on at 2:15PM for this one. RSVP here. As an added bonus for people who can’t make the show, you can stream the whole showcase live.





Next up, we’ve been nominated for a battle of the bands competition on the Zippo website. Coolest part of this is that winning band gets 25 custom Zippo’s with their logo on it. What’s more rock than a Zippo with the Lightouts George Boorujy deer on it? Not much, so vote us across the finish line. If we win we’ll be giving a few away to fans.





Be on the lookout for a new single in the next couple of weeks. We’ll also be shooting a video over Halloween weekend. If you’re in the NYC area and want to take part, drop us a line. Lastly, we just booked a November 12th show at Matchless. Put it inyour calendar!










ps- a fan from Mexico took our song “And It Comes And Goes” and ported it into Guitar Hero– amazingness ensues.



Dulce et decorum est pro musica mori.