Lightouts – The Eloise Suite – Album Review

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By: Tim Baker

Lightouts, The Eloise Suite, Album Review, Indie Rock, Shoegaze
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I would be lying if I said the title of the Lightouts new 3 song mini-ep didn’t influence my decision to give it a listen, I mean how could it not? It shares its name with my daughter, but that didn’t keep me listening to The Eloise Suite, I stuck around for the awesome.

Most of the tracks on The Eloise Suite has managed to find their way onto our Track Marks Series and this was before they even sent us the music. We heard one song and then searched them out.


Because these fuckers have balls. They blend the fuzzy goodness of lofi with the sad yet upbeat feel of 80s British new wave. It is like a bunch of sad pricks from the Pacific North West showed up in one of John Hughes fictional towns, did a shit ton of coke with Molly Ringwald, talked and I mean really talked, and then woke up shirtless in bed with Robert Downey Jr. Sure it sounds awkward, but sometimes that is what it takes to find the magic. Lightouts have definitely found the magic.

You can download The Eloise Suite for free HERE