Lightouts – Want

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By: Tim Baker

Lightouts, Want, Brooklyn, Gowanus, Album Review
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Growing up I always wished I had an older brother, someone who could have broken the ground or cleared the brush before I came along. An older voice/source of wisdom that would have pointed me in the right direction when I was spinning around lost in the world of power metal, virginity and mullets. All of my friends that had older brothers seemed to know what to do. They seemed to understand the way the world worked and how to maximize their experiences. It was like having your own personal Yoda to the world of women and stores that sold beer to underage high school kids.

I always remember driving around town with my friends and their older siblings and being gob smacked by the fucking science being dropped. shit was epic. And all these assholes always had the best music, the kind of music that dudes who banged girls from other schools listened to. Music that was equal parts heavy, melodic, and edgy, with just a dollop of pop and enough sensuality that it could get a girl to rub “it” over the jeans after a few wine coolers and a few hours of dry humping.

I get that same feeling of awe every time I put on Want by Lightouts. My stomach gets all nervous and I lick my lips a lot because I feel all LL Cool J sexy whenever that shit comes on. Like merely having it in the headphones makes the outline of my wang visible through my jeans and leaves all the ladies on the F train humid in their undershorts just by being in my presence. Want is that fucking awesome, it changes your perception of the world. It’s like hanging out with Mike Damone during his Ridgemont High heyday; that asshole knew what was what.

The great thing about Want is how different it sounds from everything and not in a reactionary sort of way. These fuckers Lightouts wear their uniqueness like I wear shawl neck sweaters, all easy breezy like. They aren’t trying to sound original or better than the rest of the bands coming out of Brooklyn, they just are. So much of what makes them baller as Fuck is how hard they play. They are heavier than everyone else. Their sound is a brilliant mix of late 70s/early 80s hard rock (think early Cheap Trick or The Cars), a little of the sensuality and grit of Moonage Daydream Bowie, with the dick swinging of Zeppelin and the edge of early hardcore punk.

The guitars are razor sharp, even when played at a mellow and reserved pace they still sound urgent like the final throws of a 4 day wine bender, basslines that sound like they could be on a Gorilla Biscuits record; all blaowbow-y and rambling. Drums that bounce around your rib leaving with bruised insides and blood in your urine and a singer who may or may not sleep with entire dormitories at small catholic schools on religious holidays.

Essentially Want is the kind of album that rock music was invented for. Edgy enough to make people out of the loop feel like the dead on the inside assholes that they are. Kick you in the nuts awesome enough to make diehard assholes bump the shit in there jeeps while circling the DQ in hopes of a blizzard and a BJ, infectious enough to make the girls hit the dance floor and banging enough to make me wish I got to party with these assholes in my prime.

Put it this way, if I have a BBQ this summer Light-fucking-outs will be bumping and they will have an open invitation to sample my beef. Yes code.

You can pick up your very own copy of this silk sack of awesome here.

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