Lightouts – The Eloise Suite – New Music Video

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I am so fucking torn when it comes to this video.

On one hand you have this amazing song The Eloise Suite that makes me want to practice my kegel exercises just for mini orgasms it gives my friend Dante DuBois*.

*Dante DuBois is the name of my junk.

On the other hand I am creeped the Fuck out by the clown make-up the lads in Lightouts are rocking. It makes me think someone back stage is having a halfwit semi-giant drop a dump on their chest while watching episodes of Capt. Kangaroo. It is fucking twisted.

And on the other other hand, well there are those Robert Palmer, Simply Irresistible gals running around with the Bo Derek bathing suits.

I guess I need to just sit back and let the freak juice run down my inner thigh and enjoy the ride.