Sirens of Decay

Artist: Lightouts
Album: The Eloise Suite – Single
Track: The Eloise Suite

It came sooner than expected – Lightouts third single release “The Eloise Suite” has hit our headspace with a harder edge than previous efforts – the guitar is extra crunchy, the vocals are a bit more accessible (which is a serious feat considering how catchy “See Clear”, etc. were), and the track has a knack for getting quickly stuck in your head. Sooner is always better, you see.

This time I can even hear a little U2 in the pounding rock of “The Eloise Suite”, both in the general instrumentation as well as when Greg breaks into “You can’t let lovers get you down”. Maybe some “Get On Your Boots” in the style. The three song release also features “Dress Shop”, which is a bit a rolling rocker carried by it’s bass line and a sweet little riff. In the three-hole we have “All I Want/Heroes”, the LCD Soundsystem and David Bowie cover that Gavin told us about a few weeks back.

He did say he was very proud of it, and for good reason. It’s pretty bitchin’. I’ve always loved “Heroes” (all versions) especially.

Once again, find Lightouts on Facebook and Twitter. You can pick up your copy of The Eloise Suite three-part single on the band’s website for free (as well as the other singles), or purchase it below.

Lightouts – The Eloise Suite