Sirens of Decay – Want


lightoutsI’ve never seen a track on Soundcloud with no spikes on the waveform, but that’s how “Want” appears on my screen. I’m going to assume it’s a bug because this is definitely not the most rocking Lightouts track I’ve heard, by a good margin. That’s not condemnation folks, just facts. These dudes typically rock at 11 on the dial. If you’re familiar with the band, your first playthrough of  ”Want” will open your eyes to the reason the band went in a slightly different direction and dubbed their debut album Want, as well.

I’ll admit that until I got my hands on the full album, I had fallen out of touch with the sound of Lightouts. Once I stamped them as a group of dudes who “hammer out jams with an intensity and sophistication that any music fan could love”. Really, all Lightouts tracks that have crossed my ears have been verifiable rock anthems, with rising choruses and the type of riffs you’d expect to hear from a beloved (and seasoned) stadium rocking mainstream band.

These guys are no mainstream band, however, they are the definition of indie rock. They’ve given out countless free tracks; by my count more than an album worth of material that you could just grab for no reason other than you loved music and they loved making it. Now, things are a changin’. Their debut album is imminent (March 5th), and the title track is here to show you a more dynamic side to the Gowanus rockers. Where previously it seemed that the objective of Lightouts was to blast you into outer space, “Want” showcases a softer, nuanced sound that remains as irresistibly catchy as “See Clear” and “And It Comes And Goes” ever were.

It pleases me to no end to see this album about to be released into the wild. A modern throwback to the 90′s rock might or might not be your cup of tea, but I suggest you give Lighouts a listen. They know how to craft a great song.