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Sept Crop O’ Rock-n-Roll & I like it

Posted on September 17, 2011 by admin

Review Stalker September Single Reviews 2011SINGLE REVIEWS: Consider this month’s FIVE Crop O’ Singles your spin through a 45′ bin at a record shop except here we give you the goods in the form of mp3′s. Cool right? We strongly recommend that you actually go and purchase or investigate all of these bands and better yet go out of your to see them live. Ultimately we leave it up to you and your own devices how you go about consuming music so here’s this month’s curated selects you bastards.

Lightouts The Eloise Suite Single Review

Lightouts – Have consistently been delivering flaming gong rock-n-roll at such a steady pace we’ve been happy to be at the listening end each ime. I don’t know why other bands don’t do it this way by releasing 2-3 songs at a time is the perfect cadence to saunter and appear yet again for a third time on the RS blog!The Eloise Suite the “A” side rock fire-stomper is reason enough to grab your chick and shake your hips and swill some PBRs but the real motivator that should peak your curiosity is the closer. “All I Want / Heroes which is a LCD Soundsystem & David Bowie cover packed into one song. The artwork series is pretty cool too! I hope they actually print and produce some of these. I would surely had noticed them in the bins.

The Eloise Suite MP3 by Lightouts [GET YOURS HERE]

Next up is Knifey Spooney from Oakland California. Here’s a actual 7″ that’s available as 00 and 11′s for you to grab here if your’re into real quirky rocknroll chordage. “Art for Show Press pass” is sloppy like Sorry Ma’ and fun likeThe Raging Lamos which is a odd reference just for the old Jersey Court Tavern crowd who will know exactly what I’m talking about. This is fun like a fast version of Black Diamond and a little sloppy version of theMelvins. OK a couple references for you in one paragraph should be motivation enough.

The Perms High School High Single ReviewA little bit like Cheap Trick and The Knack combined in what is a band known as The Perms because it’s totally ok if you want to party all night staying up late watching The Legend of Billie Jean and drinking Dr. Peppers. Oh now that you have this 70-80′s hair image planked in your head with the 101 rock rhymes you’ll probably enjoy the straightforward nature of this band. Nothing too deep it’s just a good rock song kids by a trio of Canadians. Get with their 5th album coming out this month called Sofia Nights.
High School High MP3 by The PermsBUY ]

Long band names scare me but not so much these days. Here’s a beautiful light shoegaze dream-pop band called Letting Up Despite Great Faults. “Teenage Tide” reminds me of Lush dark bits of The Ravenettes with their whispy reverb drenched moments making peppering of subtle feedback which makes for an incredibly & unmistakably catchy song. More of this secret formula can be found via their recordPaper Crush.
Teenage Tide MP3 by Letting Up Despite Great FaultsOLD FLAME ]

ok if you spun some pavement delivery and the concrete soundscapes that i love by grandaddy with a UK band shoegaze outfit fit to support Manchester flower power scene they would sound like Silence Rises. This may have been their game-plan developed in the boardroom of some dank rehearsal space and I would have told you I have reservations because the groups name sounds like the name of a Emo band but in the end the creative department would be right and I’d be wiser after a good listen to the full track. Throw down some Radiohead Bends era inspired guitar power and “Shallow Water” will help you get your rocks-off. Blues for a Dead Lover would be the case study for a well delivered execution.
Shallow Water MP3 by Silence RisesOWN THE FULL EP ]

Something about these sounds that remind of that sound man:
Hallucinations MP3 by The Ravenettes from Lust Lust Lust (2008)
Grinding Process MP3 by Melvins from 10 Songs live 2 track C/Z (1986)
He’s a Whore MP3 by Cheap Trick (1977)
Miner At The Dial-A-View MP3 by Grandaddy from The Sophtware Slump(2000)

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