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Relations on 100M records vs Lightouts

Posted on May 30, 2012 by admin

Relations 100 M records Review
MUSIC REVIEW: Relations EP by the band known as Relations on 100M Records is synth-punk duo from New York City. The guitars on this are fiercely savage in the way Wire or Wedding Present drive you with subtle use of feedback. They got good tone. The bass peddles you around the bases of this EP with somewhat of Joy Division factory influence here which we think you should check out being there is a drum machine employed as part of the backing band. This EP is over before it begins and we’re already looking forward to more. Don’t know a lot other than to wonder why so much black and white art bands? Why??

Download: Take No Sides MP3 by Relations

Light Outs Cure cover Push Review
We’re big Lightouts fans here on the RS music entertainment blog. We like bands who do good covers and here is yet another one by these guys on their latest called The Big Picture single. This is one of many collections they’ve put out in the past year. Consistent quality always catches our ears. They know 80′s and 90′s alternative rock without the hairspray or use of corny keyboards.

DOWNLOAD: Push (The Cure cover) MP3 By Lightouts [Get some schwagg]

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