Lightouts met when singer Greg Nelson responded to an ad placed by primary songwriter Gavin Rhodes in Brooklyn’s Gowanus canal that read “Robert Smith/Emily Haines, where are you?” The music this duo has created as Lightouts isn’t especially reminiscent of Mr. Smith’s work in the Cure, but there is a faint whiff of the sort of lackadaisical, spindly guitar rock that Ms. Haines bangs out in her sometime day job as a member of Canada’s Broken Social Scene. “See Clear” is the first salvo from Lightouts’ debut album Want, which the band describes as a loose concept album about compulsions and instincts. “See Clear” rides a lean, jangly groove into an explosive chorus. Lightouts is a throwback to the joyous, left-of-the-dial guitar rock of the bygone early Nineties. Preview the track below.

Get Lightouts’ “See Clear” single, which also includes “Only the Smart Ones” and “Here It Comes” from iTunes here.