Owl By Night



Anna Berglund and Simon Eriksson are a new Swedish duo hailing from Stockholm. Once again the Scandinavian Mecca of all things electronic and pop has produced yet another twosome with such raw talent and musical ability that it proverbially blows any overseas competition away. Years Away generate excitement with their powerhouse electronica; lavishly viscous, resoundingly dominate and heavily layered. “Starting Fires” is perhaps a more tentative affair with rousing warped beats, shimmering vocals and cosmological synth interplay that leads to a towering, anthemic chorus.


Giving yourself the name of one of the biggest countries in the world and therefore something that is regularly entered into internet search engines is a clever move to promote yourself, but Australian Alex Ritchie who hails from Brisbane doesn’t need to rely on his moniker, his music speaks volumes. With an amalgamated sound lying between Tim and Jean, Gypsy And The Cat and NZ/CA Lines you can clearly hear the watery echoes of fluffy instrumentals, lackadaisical vocal yelps and enigmatic electro backdrops; soft and intriguing, beautiful to the extreme. Keep an eye out for Argentina.


Greg and Gavin are the Brooklyn duo Lightouts who are stamping their solid and thoughtful take on American-tinged indie rock. With a sound that is rich, raucous and professional in address these two guys have the potential to go big. With Lady Gaga having opened up for Greg back in 2007, the band surely deserve more recognition globally? Their metallic grit, greased instrumental obedience and guttural vocal lashings evoke sounds similar to The Cure, The Cribs and The Libertines. “The Big Picture” is a bold collective of guitars and peppered vocals that frenetically skiff between indie boisterousness and rock sentiments; genius.