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Added on:08/25/2011
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Lightouts kept their word with the release of their A/B-single “The Eloise Suite”. The A-side “The Eloise Suite” will blow out of your speakers with its fabolous guitar work. My personal favorite is “Dress Shop” which has a solid melody. This time the speakers will only be blown away in the refrain. A bonus has been added with LCD Soundsystem’sAll I Want” and Bowie’s “Heroes” covered which the band is extremely proud of and so they do should. Good job on the album cover, btw.

Rock artist Lightouts released the “The Eloise Suite single” song in August, 2011. We enjoy the song “The Eloise Suite single” very much (a Thumbs Up)! And… best of all, this song is still very new! Ohh man, this song has just been out. Don’t wait and enjoy this new song.

I give it 4 of 5 stars.