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Lightouts, “The Cure for Shyness” — Song Premiere

By: Mike Ayers | February 7, 2012 at 1:49 pm

LightoutsPhoto courtesy of Audible Treats

Towards the end of 2010, Lightouts‘ Gavin Rhodes posted a flier in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn that simply said “Robert Smith / Emily Haines where are you?” Curious bystanders probably ignored what looked like a rather confusing missing persons flier, but guitarist Greg Nelson answered this curious Cure/Metric call-to-arms, and Lightouts was born.

“The Cure for Shyness” is their latest single, a broody pop number that Rhodes says one of their more anthemic songs. “It’s definitely a call to action,” he tells Hive. “The cure for most ailments usually involves movement.”

The band is currently releasing music as standalone singles, each with a b-side and a cover song, but they’re putting them all together — “The Cure for Shyness” included — for their debut albumWant, due later this year.

  • Lightouts – The Cure for Shyness