August 29, 2011

EP : Lighouts – “The Eloise Suite” latest release looks to rock +roll heroes +drugged-out movie Stars for inspiration


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Gowanus fuzz-rock duo Lightouts announces the release of their latest single, “The Eloise Suite.” The song is about the balance of want versus need. Originally titled “Dit-Dat,” The band decided to change the title a few months ago after Charlie Sheen had his infamous breakdown in the Eloise Suite of New York’s Plaza Hotel. “Someday,” claims guitarist Gavin Rhodes “we hope to participate in a more good-natured trashing of the famous pink hotel room.”

The first b-side is “Dress Shop,” the second b-side is a cover of two songs in one- a mix of LCD Soundsystem’s “All I Want” and David Bowie’s classic “Heroes.” The artwork for the single was by George Boorujy from a piece of his called Rookery. Mixing and mastering was done by the incomparable Andy Altmann.

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