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***rest of 2011***

These tunes made the cut… then got cut… but they blew the socks off in 2011.  So only if you have time, then take the time.  They are ALL “sock-worthy”.

Not ranked, really… but “tiered”… so alphabetically tiered… check out the top tier, then next tier down, then bottom tier.

(couldn’t find a link for one tune – got deleted, so if interested I have the mp3 from when it first got posted and can send to anyone so ask if you want to hear it)

Beach Fossils :: What a Pleasure

Bilinda Butchers :: Boyfriend

Boy Party :: Who Cares?

Craft Spells :: You Should Close The Door

Fear of Men :: Phantom Limb

Jeane :: Run Away

Julianna Barwick :: Vow

Jesper Lundager :: Could Fall In Love Again

L/J :: I’ll Be Right There (tta cover)

Lightouts :: Dress Shop

Memory Tapes :: Yes I Know

Mint Julep :: Time is Distance

Mirrors :: Into the Heart

Mode Moderne :: Les Neuf Soeurs

Mood Rings :: Indian Hills

New Division :: Nocturnal

New Look :: The Ballad

Oregon Bike Trails :: A Summer Thing

Plastic Flowers :: Strange Neighbors

Pnau :: The Truth

Secret Shine :: Hole in Your Heart

Shaky Snakes :: Ozone Exciter

Silver Swans :: Secrets

Soda Shop :: Longing

Southern Shores :: Bonfire

Suburban Living :: Give Up

Tashaki Miyaki :: Something is Better Than Nothing

Tiger Palace :: Versailles


Catwalk :: One by Words

Death Cab for Cutie :: You are a Tourist (2 Bears Rmx)

Distnce :: Dry Land

Gang Signs :: Plagiarist

Keep Shelley in Athens :: Campus Martius

Keep Shelley in Athens :: Our Own Dreams (B’Bird B’Bird Rmx)

Sea Monster :: Plastic Fangs

Tokyo :: California Wives


A Classic Education :: I Lost Time

Ananna :: Tredjegradsforbrening

Austra :: Lose It

Balam Acab :: Oh Why

Daughter :: Medicine

Degrees :: At least Rock and Roll Won’t Leave a Bite in my Back

Dive :: Human

Echo Lake :: Another Day

Kaskade :: Eyes (Ext Remix)

Slow Magic :: Corvette Classic

Twin Sister :: Kimmi In the Rice Field (Reid Mix)

Wild Vibes :: Innate