Loft Party Pics, New Press

Pics are from our show at Lightout’s woozy boozy loft party last weekend. Pic credits: Ramit Singh and Deirdre McConnell.

In other news, we’ve been getting a ton of great press on our latest single, “And It Comes And Goes.” Here are some of the highlights. Thanks to the many outlets that have been showing us support!

… a blast of barely contained rock energy that would make Dinosaur Jr. axman J. Mascis proud.” – Prefix Mag

“…Lightouts make tunes the way all the gods of rock used to...” – Impose

“They are hardly conventional by today’s indie rock standards… This is a welcome return to a neglected genre. Go out and get their two singles with B-sides, and then crank up and rock out to Lightouts.” – The Dadada

“I’m fondly reminded of those glory days by Brooklyn’s Lightouts. Their style… sounds influenced by Dinosaur Jr. with its guitar-led energy and extremely catchy songwriting.” – Potholes In My Blog

“Somewhere there is a hi-watt amp on fire from their last gig as this guitar music bounces.” – Review Stalker

“And I have to admit, although the concept of a 90′s revival leaves me feeling cold, listening to Lightouts nonetheless has me warming up to the idea.  Apparently nostalgia doesn’t have to be “chill” and comes in rock n’ roll flavor too.” – Turntable Kitchen

“Plus énergique, ce morceau aux influences punk, ancré malgré tout dans ce rock des années 1990 qui habille chacune de leurs compositions, vient confirmer tout le bien que l’on pensait déjà du jeune duo.” – Splash My Sound

– Gavin & Greg