Listen, Dammit.

Brooklyn duo Lightouts putting Gowanus on the map, but for better reasons than that rancid canal

Straight from the indie-rock hotbed of … Gowanus? OK, maybe the section of Brooklyn known mostly for its toxic canal isn’t an indie-rock hotbed — yet. Sounds like the local duo Lightouts is doing its damnedest to change that, though.

Comprising singer/guitarist Greg Nelson and guitarist/songwriter Gavin Rhodes, Lightouts is off to a busy start in 2012, releasing what they’re calling a Guided By Voices-approved cover of “The Official Ironmen Rally Song,” followed by a new single, “The Cure For Shyness.”

The latter song starts slowly, then erupts into a pell-mell guitar scramble that manages to sound at once chaotic and tightly controlled. Nelson’s vocals are assured while the riff dances along beneath his voice. The overall effect makes you want to sit down so you can jump up and kick the chair away.