Listen Before You Buy

Lightouts - The Big Picture cover art

We featured the B-sides last month, and as promised then the new single from Lightouts“The Big Picture”, is now available to download. They’ve always described themselves as being “like The Smashing Pumpkins, when they were good”, and I’ve got to admit that on this one I’m hearing it. Whether it’s the half time drumming in the chorus, the crunchy guitar tones or the yelping vocals that does it, I don’t know – probably it’s the combination.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an excuse to shred some air guitar and relive your late-’90s college days, this is it. For those of you too young to have been at college in the late ’90s… well, you get to imagine what it was like for your older stoner cousin. Pretty good, apparently. You can streamand download the track below.

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Written by: David on July 10, 2012.