Listen Before You Buy

Lightouts - The Big Picture cover art

Lightouts‘ new single, “The Big Picture”, is out on the 26th, but as a little taster you can stream B-side “Stray Boy” as of right now. I’ve made no secret of how much I enjoy their revitalisation of ’90s rock – a golden period for the genre – and once again they’ve delivered a visceral hit of crunchy guitars and pumping drums.

I think we can expect to see a lot more of Greg and Gavin in the near future. Not only is the music consistently excellent, but everything about its presentation – especially the great cover art – is really thoughtfully done. Like any Apple fanboy will tell you, the packaging also counts. Add to this the fact that it’s all free to download, and you get a sense of a pair who know both how to write a tune, and how to market it. Full credit to them for that.

As has become something of a tradition for them, they’ve also included a cover of a classic track; this time they take on The Cure‘s “Push”. Mercifully they go easy on the chorus pedal, but it’s still a fitting tribute to the original. You can stream it and “Stray Boy” below, and download them both via Soundcloud.

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Written by: David on June 5, 2012.