Listen Before You Buy

Hot damn, I am getting ever more convinced by Lightouts. Their latest effort, “The Eloise Suite”, started life titled “Dit-Dat”. Why the change of name? Well, that would be thanks to Charlie Sheen’s epic disintegration in the similarly-named suite at The Plaza, NY. There’s only one word for that. Don’t make me say it. Okay, I’ll say it: winning.

It’s not much of a departure from the territory of “And It Comes And Goes”, which we featured back in July. Still kickin’ it old-school, Dinosaur Jr.-stylee; still making drum machines sound good. I’m really not sure what I’ve been doing with my life since guitar playing like this was last in fashion, but I’m glad it’s back.

The B-Sides – “Dress Shop”, and a cover/mash-up of LCD Soundsystem‘s “All I Want” and Bowie‘s “Heroes” – are pretty fine too. Not least because “Heroes” is one of my favourite Bowie numbers (obviously), and Greg actually does a not-half-bad impression.

You can download the goods below, or head over to their Soundcloud for more. You have my permission to shred air.

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Lightouts – ”The Eloise Suite”
Lightouts – ”Dress Shop”
Lightouts – ”All I Want / Heroes” (LCD Soundsystem / David Bowie cover)