Lightouts cover The Cure’s “Push”

BY SJIMON GOMPERS » Turn Robert Smith’s frown upside down.

Lightouts cover The Cure's "Push"Get tribal

We are happy to debut a first listen from Lightouts‘ forthcoming single The Big Picture with a cover of The Cure‘s “Push.” From what we have heard, songwriter Gavin Rhodes once sported the Robert Smith hair and dark kohl eyeliner back in middle school, which would make the band’s rendition of a Cure track an essential part of their recent cover/original single series of releases. Listen as the Gowanus gang grab the classic “Push” from 1985’s The Head On The Door and send it through time machine amps set to half-time in 2012. Washing away any trappings of overcast gloom, the Lightouts update features bright guitars and “a smile to hide the fear away.”

Look for the new Lightouts single The Big Picture June 12.

Posted on May 15, 2012. More on: lightoutsbig picturethe curethe head on the doorpush