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Music from Gowanus: Lightouts

Posted by GYFO on February 16, 2012 in Music · 0 Comments

It must be weird to be Greg Nelson who at the end of 2010 read a flier posted here in Gowanus by Gavin Rhodes that simply said: “Robert Smith / Emily Haines where are you?”. Greg answered Gavin’s flier and together they formed a group called Lightouts. It’s now just about a year later and Greg & Gavin are busting out their 4th single, which exclusive premier on the MTV Hive just last week. Their sound is souped-up 90′s Cure mixed with heavy guitar, plus a healthy spinkling of modern drum technology. They are moving fast in the music world and we are so happy that they create their sound right here in Gowanus, Brooklyn!

Here’s their latest song “Cure for Shyness” off their single of the same name…


Okay, we are not hip like a radio station, but we do have a few freaking cool tunes for all you kids to do some bobbing and weaving to. Straight fromLightouts here’s: The Cure For Shyness, Deep Ends, and The Official Ironmen Rally Song (Guided by Voice Cover) for you to listen to:


A-side: http://media.audibletreats.com/Lightouts-The_Cure_For_Shyness.mp3

b/w: http://media.audibletreats.com/Lightouts-Deep_Ends.mp3


Bonus Your Face Off

We had the privilage of interviewing Lightouts at the beginning of fall last year. Check out what they said when asked: “…explain your music to the 10-year-old versions of yourselves?” here

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