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[Free] Lightouts – The Eloise Suite

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Album: The Eloise Suite
Release: 22 August 2011
File Under: rock, glam, alternative, cover
Similar: David Bowie, Pulp
Website: lightouts.com

Okay, first off, they do a cover of one of my favorite songs of all time mashed with one of the blogospheres favorite tunes- David Bowie’s ‘Hereoes’ and LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All I Want.’ It fucking rocks.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Going into the title track, ‘The Eloise Suite,’ takes me straight back to last year when I fell in love with a little bad called Pulp. Even the beginning riff sounds like an inverted ‘Disco 2000‘ but this is all good news. After running through the Pulp catalog many, many times over again, I’ve been waiting for a new band to come out with that glam-rock-alternative-lay-it-all-out-there-swagger-music.

And I’ve found them.

Lightouts – All I Want / Heroes | [SoundCloud] [Download This!]

Lightouts – The Eloise Suite | [SoundCloud] [Download This!]

Lightouts – Dress Shop | [SoundCloud] [Download This!]

Check out some other tunes over at their SoundCloud page or at iTunes.