Death + Taxes Debuts New Single, “Disappear”

Yeeeeeaaaaah! It’s been awhile since we’ve released new music, but a new day is upon us. Pop on over to Death and Taxes and listen to one of our punkier tunes: “Disappear.” Get ready for a dueling guitar solo at the end.

“Disappear” and “My My” will be avilable for sale next Tuesday. You can pre-order them here.

We’ll have more on the amazing artwork next week, but in the meantime check out the work of Jason Knight. His photos are out of this world.

From the article by Andrew Poitras:

You know what beats when your friends hit you up and are like, “Yo, will you check out my band?” and you check it out, and it doesn’t suck?

I’ll give you a hint: Nothing. It’s a fucking awesome because it hardly ever happens.

Lightouts are a strangely-named new rock quartet from Brooklyn that remind my ears of something akin to The Shins if they played a little faster, or the Toadies if they played with more even flow to their trademarked jerky rhythms. Let’s not take these examples too seriously though; singer Greg’s vocal stylings are nothing like either frontmen for the aforementioned bands and Lightouts went for a polished production verses the less-sophisticated 90′s angle that The Toadies had no way around at the time, or the purposefully Elliot-Smith-lo-fi bit that The Shins vied for.

Check out one of the better white guys-with-guitars songs I’ve heard in a while, “Disappear,” below.



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