New Music Matters – Week 1

on November 7, 2011 · in New Music Matters

New Music Matters

Each week New Music Matters will be bringing you the best new music that finds its way into our inbox.

New Music Matters – Week 1 Presents:
The Amends
Headless Horseman

The Latest track from the Lightouts here. Sounding oddly familiar like a cross betweenPulp and Yuck ‘The Eloise Suite’ takes a couple of listens before you begin to appreciate it for what it is. However for me the shining light from this release is the ‘All I Want’ / ‘Heroes’ (LCD SoundsystemDavid Bowie Cover), give it a listen and im sure it will find its way onto repeat by the end of the day. The B-side track ‘Dress Shop’ isnt half bad either, at times I even prefer it to ‘The Eloise Suite’. Official Website. 

Stream: Lightouts